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Today, my students had to write a test. Before the test we introduced three key tools, reminding students of the POWER of their imagination and their ability to access that power in any moment in order to feel good.

We started with breath, we practiced taking a deep diaphragmatic breath, sending signals to the Autonomic Nervous System that we are ready to relax.

Then, the students placed their heads on their desks for a moment relaxing their bodies, and they took a short 1-minute journey to their very own special place. I reminded them that any time they want to relax and re-focus, they can make this quick journey in their imaginations.

The students shared their experiences with their classmates.

Finally, the students took the turtle pose.

I asked them all to imagine the turtle shells. As we slowly breathe in and out together, I asked them to pull their energy into their shells for BIG FOCUS.

In this way we reached the state of calmness and focused before the test.

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