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YOYO is going International at the Tech and Treck Conference

The Tech and Trek Conference is an opportunity for Middle School through Higher Ed Educators to explore The Mindful use of Technology, Mobile Technology, Creating High-Impact Student Experiences, and Innovations in Teaching and Learning.

This is an educational technology conference that spans three days and two nights on the beautiful campus of Hiram College. At the conference you will

  • Form and sustain a collaborative bridge for higher ed and 6-12 educators and technologists.

  • Participate in an ongoing dialogue between higher ed and 6 -12 educators and technologists regarding mindful use of technology.

  • Reflect on effective technology in learning abilities.

  • Explore the possibilities of mobile technology for learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom.

Mindfulness and technology will be at the core of your experience.

Tech Session Topics: Augmented and Virtual Realities; Biomimicry; Digital Footprints; Flipped Classroom 2.0; Gaming; Global Resources; Learning Apps for Photography and Video; MakerSpace Exploration; Mindful Classroom Management and Engagement; Project Based Learning with Google; Swift Badges.

Trek Session Topics: Farming; Hiking; Kayaking; Meditation; Yoga; AND MORE!

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