Yoga in Schools

Today, more and more children come up against obesity, deficit, lack of movement and lack of interest. Anxious children actually reflect our social aspect and trends. Thus, they tend to be easily upset and have strong-opposing reactions (just like adults).

Children are deeply sensitive and parents should realize that children need a calm and relaxing environment. So, here comes Yoga which can help significantly a child to be more calm, self-confident and able to concentrate. In addition, through Yoga practice, a child acquires the ability to address smoothly every-day-problems while feeling confident for his decisions and capabilities.

At this point I should emphasize my concerns regarding children aged between 6 and 13. Since, children at the age should not exercise hard and extremely, so as not to prevent their proper body growth, Yoga must be practiced carefully and to extent each child feels quite conformtable during the position under practice.

Another important fact is that during that age, which is substantial, children develop abilities and express their thoughts and feelings through many and different ways. Thus, an instructor must be properly informed, educated and up-to-date while alert and paying attention to every little detail.

My perspective regarding Yoga is that we have the ability and opportunity to evolve, to develop certain classes (such as Maths, Geography, Natural Science) using Yoga’s principles in a very creative and enthusiastic way in order to attract children’s attention and interest and teach them through exercise and game.

The aim of a Yoga class is mainly to create to the children a sense of calmness while discarding intensity and stress. The tone of out voice can transmit the feeling of love for them (the children) and enthusiasm and make them feel a certain euphoria. Yoga class enables children to develop their imagination and along with the created motive they can improve their kinetic skills (Ahimsa).

An Olympic track athlete, Carl Lewis said that I always remain concentrate on what I do and I never take care of what others do. #Yoga

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