Thoughts about Mindfulness and Education

Mindfulness and education are one.

In the field of education we are dealing with the greatest mystery of all: A child's soul. We are dealing with the most sensitive, fragile secret. There is no other way, but to think behave in a mindful way, in each and every breath, look, action, word.

Nowadays, education is a battleground. It's a battle against evil winds of prejudice, racism, intolerance, extremism, and violent attitudes. Against them, we are here with our tools: care and attention, openness and inclusion, tolerance and sensitivity. Grace. Love to other human beings.

That's Mindfulness.

We need to become practitioners of mindfulness, because our world is a fast-changing one. It makes no rests, and it's restless. As the souls of the children, the world itself is becoming an unknown dimension.

So is the essence of education.

We, educators, are obligated to find our way in this unknown space.

This is our promise for the future.

A mindful attitude can become our navigator in this everyday adventure, in the encounter with the always changing souls of the children. With it, we can find a new orientation, a new center of gravity, a new meaning for our routine work at school.

Mindfulness can keep us fresh, open, and ready for new experiences. It can help us remove mental fatigue and make a room for a sense of renewal and curiosity, make our energy resources sustainable, empower us as educators and human being.

Mindfulness can lead us to build a humanistic, loving dialogue with the young people who are walking side by side with us.

You are welcome to try the mindfulness language through a series of exercises, movement activities, stories and discussions.

Let us take a step into the unknown, and find a new way.

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