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ΥΟΥΟ will support participants for living in the present moment. It is the art of bringing attention to our thoughts, feelings and actions as they arise from moment to moment. From a scientific point of view, the ability to focus our attention for a sustained period of time supports our emotional, mental, social and physical well being. More specifically: Teachers will cultivate mindfulness for themselves and then let the practice be their guide as they will begin to grow and cultivate a greater capacity for presence, attentiveness and mindfulness in any moment of the day both in the Classroom and in their School. Furthermore, they will learn how to teach any learning object using mindfulness and monitor the learning process under this aspect. Students will use a taster of various mindfulness techniques to explore how they can calm, relax, concentrate and be aware of their brain functions even while breathing. Families will learn how to manage stress and pressure that modern life as well as serious social challenges are causing. It can be of great benefits to offer parents an opportunity to come together to take some valuable time for themselves to relax and unwind learning how the practice of mindfulness can support them to be more present with their children, feel less stressed and more able cope and thrive in the midst of all the challenges of living in today’s world. YOYO project will support the smooth integration of students at high risk and refugee students in the learning process, will support them to improve their school performance and in the long run reduce the possibilities of early school leaving by teaching them how to manage their stress levels, how to handle their intense feelings and concentrate on the achievement of positive social behavior and improved school performance.

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